A Summer Pleasure

Whilst it is true to say that thus far, the British Summer has been a bit of a stop/start affair never the less I have managed to make some use of the sunnier days to use my 720nm converted infrared camera. I do make use of it throughout the year to some degree but because I delight in the effects of sunlight and foliage, the Summer months are my favourite time.

For me the ‘magic’ comes from this rather different way of seeing the world and whilst manipulating the images in post to achieve all sorts of coloured effects is possible, it is the rather extreme black & white looks that I find totally attractive. I don’t know quite how to put my finger on it but I suppose it is the very nature of the way the light is captured that gives you quite distinct “layering” in the image that makes it easier to develop strong black & white pictures.

The following gallery all started as infrared images which I then processed into black & white. Though they may be perhaps too small to appreciate on the web because the magic lies in the details, having printed a couple full size, in the flesh as it were they are rather pleasing.