Yet More Printing

I am currently engaged on designing and prototyping a layout for a quarterly magazine for my parish church which could include other Christian denominations that we work with in our local Churches Together organisation. This not only requires working with desktop publishing software, I am using Affinity Publisher which I’m finding is very good for the job but also lots of trial prints on different types of paper. In terms of flexibility and the ability to experiment with size formats other than A4, having a new A3 inkjet printer is proving to be a real bonus.

However this post is not about that. Because I’m doing more printing than I would usually do, it became obvious that I may as well also fit in some on going reprinting of pictures I have on my walls that have faded over time. As I have in the past hung pictures in groups, it is also an opportunity to change a few pictures along the way. The gallery below is just the latest group of pictures to have gone through this refresh process, as a collection they are just pictures I have taken along the way, there is no great theme to them !