Smaller Sensors

Having a number of different cameras at my disposal, whilst some choices are made by the weather conditions, if its raining I will take weather sealed combos, it also gives me the opportunity to pick what I feel like using on the day. Combining cycling and photography means that whatever main camera I’m using is always being carried in a back pack. When I get to the location I’ve decided to shoot that day, I get the camera out and walk pushing my bike beside me.

As I ride to my location, I will often see picture opportunities along the way so I will carry a ‘point and shoot’ camera around my neck such as my Canon G9 or G1X in order to take advantage with minimal fuss. Calling either of these cameras ‘point and shoot’ is seriously underestimating what they are capable of in terms of creative photography but the key point is that they have short zoom lenses and relatively small sensors compared to full frame or even APS-C cameras.

Where this really shows up is in terms of dynamic range and to what extent they can handle difficult lighting conditions. However and as with most cameras, providing you understand their limitations and use them accordingly, you can get good results. The reason I mention this is because although not really the matter of a conscious decision on my part, I seem to have taken rather a lot of images with my G1X during October which is unusual because normally it would be only a handful here and there and certainly not every day. So below a selection of images from this changing season when the light can be pretty tricky.