The Season Turns

In my mind in terms of the weather, this has been a rather odd year of strong winds at times but overall of higher temperatures for most of it too. I was struck by how because it has been mild, even the flowers have continued to bloom later than is usual.

Finally in the first two days of November, there are signs that the seasons are starting to turn. The 1st was sunny, a bit breezy but still mild but by the following day things had started to change, very strong wind but noticeably cooler and by the afternoon, torrential rain and strong winds.

A Useful Camera

When there is a threat of very wet weather, because of their weather sealing, I will tend to use either my 7D MkII, 1DX MkIV or my 5DS and in late October to today, I had been using my 5DS. As I have written before no doubt, having a wide and often rather different camera bodies and lenses to use which I rotate often, I find myself returning to each in turn after time in between and thoroughly enjoying afresh what each has to offer.

My 5DS with its 50mpx is an unusual camera which is built for measured use rather than as an ‘action’ camera. It is a wonderful camera especially for things such as landscapes and I never cease to marvel at the detail that it can capture and the ability to crop quite small details from an image and still print out a decent size.

Perhaps an Age Related Thing

It is a function of getting older that pleasures, once so important in the past, lose their lustre and appeal. Food and drinks once so appreciated and desired along with most appetites gradually fall away.

I wonder if this now extends to new cameras too ? Today as I was editing pictures from my 5DS I noticed that both Canon and Fuji had launched new or upgraded models. Whilst I am sure that as with most of the +£2k mirrorless bodies you can buy from all the major brands, they are technically wonderful, I wondered that even if I were funded to do so, would I bother to buy one ?


Anyway, below a gallery of some images from the first two days of November.