Odd Activities

The run up to Christmas always has it’s twists, turns and obligations. So my immediate attention is turning towards printing out my Christmas cards which always feature a photograph I’ve taken during the past year and this time I’m using an infrared one which is quite fun. Currently we have postal workers striking over pay here in the UKOn the other side of the coin and I suppose inevitable as you age, there are three cards I won’t be sending this year because the people concerned have died during the past 12 months.

Another project I’m working on is getting seriously down and dirty with desktop publishing because of a magazine proposal I’m working on for next year. I am using Affinity Publisher and have both an excellent tutorial book from Affinity plus some great tutorials on YouTube. Because I have a specific goal in mind, I find it easier for me to learn because I have my own real world problems to solve though truth to tell, I quite often find myself digging ever deeper holes when I’ve missed or misunderstood something !

In my last post I wrote about getting a very good Viltrox speedbooster which means that I can mount my Canon L glass onto my Lumix 90/95 camera body and this works great even though due to continual rain, I haven’t had the opportunity to use it much in anger but, the Winter period is like that still, I was content with that however…

Totally Unexpected

I was browsing Ebay last week for some camera batteries and came across a listing for a Lumix 45-200mm lens and the description amused me because it contained that “Opened but never used” line which the cynic in me rather doubts. In truth if I were to buy a native Lumix telephoto lens it would be more the 100-300mm one but I wasn’t in the mood to shell out +£300 on something I likely wouldn’t get to use until next February.

Still looking at the photographs of the 45-200mm lens it looked in good condition and had the original packaging plus was reasonably priced. New these will go at around £350 and this was priced at £140 so I though “Oh buy it !” so I did and it arrived a couple of days later. When I got it out of the outer packaging, the original box the lens came in although not battered, looked kind of ‘worn’ especially around the corners but the moment I opened it, there was another story inside altogether.

The lens, lens hood and a protective carry pouch were all still in their original wrappings as was the user manual and once unwrapped the lens was in pristine condition, no this hadn’t been used for sure what a result ! I have taken it out and used it, between the squalls we are currently experiencing coming in off the Atlantic and although not a very fast lens, it does a good job, handles well and produces pretty sharp images.