A Cold Spell

We have and apparently are likely to have for some time an unusual colder spell for this time of year. As a consequence of any bad weather, I tend to stick to my more weather resistant body and lens combinations and over the past couple of days have been using my 1D MkIV which I have had for almost exactly a year now. It may have been launched at the end of 2009, be only 16mpx but it is a tough beast and the battery lasts forever, even in the cold !

Dramatic Light

We are only about 10 days from our shortest day here in the UK when the daylight starts to slowly change to getting lighter, bit by bit. At this time of year when we don’t have clouds, the Sun is low on the horizon and the lighting tends to be a bit dramatic and I hope I’ve captured a flavour of this in some of the pictures in this little gallery.