Time for Change

Well New Year so time to try out a new look to this website which I may well experiment with in terms of both colour and layout over the next few months because this site template has plenty of options. The point being that as this is a “blog” where I post fairly frequently, it makes more sense to put my latest posts on the front page so that at least, it shows the content is being updated on a regular basis.

The world of WordPress which this and many websites are based upon, has been evolving for sometime and currently is coming to a bit of a crossroads so it’s probably a good time for me to play with new design structures to keep abreast of current developments. Fortunately this can be done off-line and only go live on the web when you think that you are ready so it is no hardship to experimenting.

Another Change of Direction

As I wrote in my last post, my next big purchase is a tilt shift lens which I won’t actually ‘need’ by my reckoning until the Spring although coming to grips with using it and understanding it properly in terms of the picture outcomes is another matter, the more practice I manage the better.

The 24mm model I wanted ideally is the Mk2 version made by Canon but they are not the only manufacturers of this type of lens and there is an equivalent model made by the Korean company Samyang which is 40% the price of the Canon one second hand and I have the cash to buy it without sacrificing any of my other lenses on a trade in so, I ordered one and we shall see how that works out.

Didn’t Have Long…

As I was writing this post, DPD turned up with the lens and as you do, I immediately checked it out. Does it work, move as intended and so on … well it appears to but as the weather today is rather wet and windy, it will be next week before I really find out.

However there are two initial observations, it is heavy and this may have an impact on using it with my Canon M series and the Lumix G90. Although I use heavy Canon telephoto lenses on both, those have tripod mounts so there is no stress on the lens mounts.

Additionally whilst 24mm on my 5DS full frame body is probably fine for my intended use, I can understand just why you may want to add a 17mm Tilt Shift to your lens collection for doing photography in tight interiors.