Spring Battles Through

Although not a harsh Winter down here on the Somerset Levels, it has been a persistently grey one with higher than average rainfalls and a reluctance for Winter to loosen its grip. On the odd day there have been blue skies and sunshine though always tempered by winds of varying strengths and direction to all too quickly be replaced with yet more grey skies.

However Mother Nature is not to be thwarted and change will come despite the many ‘false dawns’ that we have had. We always start with those stalwart harbingers of change, the Daffodils braving the elements and then the Apple Blossom and quite suddenly, the shrubs, reeds and trees start to take up the tune and within a few short days, cover themselves in foliage. Hooray the change of season gathers momentum leading us on towards early Summer !

Below a small gallery to illustrate this ‘battle’