Time of the Year

By previous standards there has been a gap in my regular posting though frankly that doesn’t matter too much I suspect. This is mainly due to being rather busy on other fronts including because of good weather during June, repairs and external DIY jobs – oh joy, just the thing to make you feel your age, one day of hard physical work and you have to ‘lay up’ for a day !

Of course I have been riding my bike and photographing every day as usual and in fact taking lots of photographs but I have not been editing too much, culling yes because I don’t expect to keep every image but still being left with hundreds of images. This is too easily done especially if I see wildlife that I want to capture and switch to burst mode on my 1DX MkII or M6 MkII where you are shooting at 14 frames per second.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been doing too much photographic editing is because I have been shooting short bursts of 4k video which I then put into DaVinci Resolve to edit because my main aim is to master that software – it’s going to take awhile.


I have also been working on collecting material for one rather conventional book plus playing with layouts for photo centric books. Additionally I have been playing around with different types of website designs with a view to supporting the former book projects for when they are ready.

Additionally I have been working on getting back-recovering if you prefer my drawing ability with both pencil, charcoal and ink, I am making progress there slow but steady. I also find that I have less and less interest in TV, it all seems so wet and when it comes to drama, way too much wacky woke stuff for my taste. The plus side to that is that I am reading more and seem to have several books on the go at the same time which I find quite a stimulating way to work.

Little Projects

I have also been quite lucky this year in having picked up odd bits of photographic accessories which by themselves aren’t that significant but when combined give me some more opportunities to try a few different things to do with flash photography and lighting. Anyway this is just a little note, as much to myself as anybody else because I often forget how many things I get myself involved in.