This Website centres mainly around my photography. I make no claim to being a “photography guru” of any kind, I am just a keen amateur who enjoys his hobby and am using this space to write, illustrate and share my journey in photography and to document my experiments with it and associated topics whether these succeed or fail ! What I and this site is about can be summed up as: Old, Bald, Amateur, Photographic and Images.

At the time of writing this I am working on the many elements involved not all of which will be present from the beginning but which will gradually appear over time and I am being very ambitious even if and being old, I may well fall off my perch before I finish my self appointed task. Eventually there will be three elements : This website, plus a video channel for films I make on these experiments, could be on YouTube or Vimeo and finally for people who like information presented that way, a printed book or two on relevant topics as yet undecided .

Whilst this translates into obvious ‘projects’ based upon photography such as infrared, 35mm and 120 film, time lapse and so on but there will also be projects within projects as I explore video creation and editing, book publishing all the associated software and just how you go about organising publication. Additionally I will be exploring using cameras as sketchbooks for creating images that I then develop into limited edition lino prints which is all a very analogue process. All of this will be done from a purely amateur perspective and I will point out any ‘expert’ resources I have used along the way to guide me but in the end, right or wrong it will be done my way whether that is a good or a bad thing.

In the early stages this site will consist of a blog that gives some historical background to how I got involved in photography and my ‘personal context’ for want of a better description. I will be sketching out a number of my main projects/experiments fairly early on and listing them under ‘Projects’.

Navigation and Post Categories

Using the sites menu bar, if you click on ‘Posts’ you will see all of them displayed in the chronological order that they were posted with the latest first. However as more blogs are posted there will be a drop down menu under ‘Posts’ where topics are split into specific categories to make it easier for people to wade through it all as the content grows over time.

Although initially (August 2021) they will not all be present, these categories are: Personal which is about my background. Photography which is mainly concerned with taking pictures. Hardware about the kit used. Asides which are random observations I make on a topic in passing. Projects which are about the various experiments I undertake each of which will get its own sub menu as the site evolves. Below is a contact form if you wish to get in touch:

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